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It's Iced Tea Season!

The weather has changed, patios are open and it's time to switch up your tea for the warmer months. We have many teas that taste delightful hot but are game changing cold. The following we have listed as our go-to's for Cold Brew Iced Tea. 

*Peach Ice Cream Delight Fruit Tisane

*Raspberry Honeybush

*Strawberry Fields Green Tea

*Summer Melon Black Tea

*Watermelon Oolong 

*Pineapple Black Tea

*Sweet Chai O'Mine Black Tea

Not sure how to actually make iced tea? The secret here is actually to use COLD not hot water. 

1 tbsp any loose leaf tea
4c COLD water
*optional honey/simple syrup
Add tea to pitcher and sweetener if desired. Add 4 cups COLD water and steep overnight. Strain and enjoy. Cold tea can be used as base for smoothies, mixed drinks or smoothie bowls.