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About Us

Steve has been drinking tea since he was a baby in Wales. That lifelong passion for tea and the discovery of loose leaf tea almost 20 years ago led him to start a tea cart in 2008. His mum, Wendy, came on board in 2010 and we moved to our first storefront location. 

In 2016, Steve began blending his own teas. In 2020, his daughter, Lana, joined the team to develop the social media and online platforms. In 2022, Lana's 3 children can be seen in the shop helping customers, blending with Steve, or creating digital content. 

Today, we are a four inter-generational business with a flourishing online and storefront community and a robust collection of 300 varieties of loose leaf tea with 150 custom artisanal blends. Thank you for supporting our local business and Happy Sipping™!  


"To change the world, one cup at a time."™ 


"Our vision is to provide knowledge and a better tasting loose leaf tea experience to every customer every time."

Core Values

Steve's Tea Company values,


  • We source our teas in an ethical and sustainable way so that tea farmers today and tea farmers to come will be able to enjoy tea.

Leadership & Accountability

  • We believe in leading the tea industry in ethical sourcing practices to support farmers and tea drinkers alike.

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Inclusion:

  • We believe that everyone should have access to the best tasting, best quality tea.

 Creativity & Innovation:

  • We have been curating our own teas for 10 years and believe our only limit is our and our customer’s imagination.